Ballast Regulations in Ukraine

We have to inform P&I Clubs and Shipowners that Ukraine’s Ecological Control Regulations have been changed, The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine issued an Order dated 18, March 2015 No 83, reg. at Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 30/03/2015 under No 343/26788, by means of this Order the requirements for mandatory sampling and analysing of ships’ segregated ballast by state ecological authorities prior to discharge has been cancelled.

According to the new regulations the meaning of ship’s segregated ballast at national legislation determines as per the MARPOL 73/78.

Relevant amendments have been made to the Ukrainian “Statute of Marine Ecological Inspections” and “Statute on ecological control at check points through the state borders and in zones of activity of regional custom houses” in order to revoke the mandatory sampling and analysing of ship’s segregated ballast.

Nevertheless we have to point out local state ecological inspections at the ports are trying to continue practise of inspection the segregated ballast, take samples and penalize the vessels based on the rights to inspect and impose the fines given by the Law of Ukraine “On protection of the environment”.

However we have to note that non-segregated ballast, for instance, cargo hold ballast, is remain under control of state ecologists and could be sampled and analysed by state ecological inspectors prior to discharge. Thus, reducing of the holds’ ballast quantity is required before entering in the port for safety of the vessel before arrival at port.

Taking above-mentioned into consideration we may recommend Shipowners based on the afore-mentioned regulations do not allow state ecological inspectors to take samples of segregated ballast, to complete the ballast exchange forms properly, do not keep ship’s ballast at ship’s holds or/and at non-designated for these purposes ship’s tanks, in case of any difficulties with ecological authorities to ask assistance of ship’s agent, P&I surveyors and correspondents or even ask lawyers assistance.

“CIS PANDI Services (Ukraine) LTD”

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